K6 Support for performance regression suite execution for more than 50 scripts

We are planning to have performance regression suite which may cross more than 50 individual scripts. And each script has its own user flow. Will k6 supports in running 50+ scripts?
How to implement it?

If you want to run these scripts mostly in parallel, scenarios might be a good choice: Scenarios. You can have a script that imports the individual files of a subset (or even all 50) of your test scripts and re-exports their default functions and options and programatically builds the scenarios config for them.

While you could run the scripts sequentially with scenarios as well, by calculating and using the startTime property for each scenario, with 50 scripts it might be a bit tedious and you’d likely have to calculate it programatically as well. We plan to make some improvements here, follow Test suites / execute multiple scripts with k6 · Issue #1342 · grafana/k6 · GitHub for updates.

And finally, you could always just have a folder of test files and use a shell script to execute k6 with each of them in tern… :sweat_smile:

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