Run Grafana as non-root user

Hi Team,

I need to deploy grafana with non root user in kubernetes. Is there any non root user id I can mention under the security context for this?

image: “grafana/grafana:9.0.7”


Hi @somit,

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I think you can do this. For e.g. in my Minikube server, I have a user “developer” which is in the sudoers list.

That way I login via ssh to the machine with this user and can run and deploy services without directly login in as root.

I hope this answer your question?

I follow this pattern for any app I install maybe it can help

groupadd opensearch

useradd opensearch -g opensearch -p opensearch
cd /opt
chown -R opensearch:opensearch opensearch
chmod o+x opensearch
chgrp opensearch opensearch
su opensearch
cd opensearch