Restricting timerange from/to from modifying

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I`ve got an issue here… Is there any way to block grafana from changing the time range values, I want to set it to Relative time in Query options.

I made a variable with 3 the relative times I need (1d, 3d, 7d), and i dont need the others. Everything works fine, as I change the value of the variable, as far as I choose some range with a mouse. Then my intervals break, and the only way to restore it to how it was before - is to set the time range in the top right corner to “Last 24 hours”, and my var to 1d.

After that everything starts to work well again. So, is there any way to block choosing a specific range with a mouse, or is there a way to set the $from/$to variables depending on my vars or from inside the query?


You could do this by going to dashboard settings and enable Hide time picker

Reference : How to restrict a user from changing the time-interval in a dashboard

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I already did that, the problem is - even with hiding that I still can change the range by choosing with lmb holding from the graph, and with that everything ruins… Can I at least block that mouse range selection?


I would recommend you view this thread which similar to what you are requesting :

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