Response Time for each pages separately

How can we see response time (Avg, min, max 90th percentile, etc.) for each page separately?

Hi @ashish.chaudhary, welcome to the community forum :tada: ,

I don’t know you definition of page and what you are using for visualization but here are some pointers:

  1. you can group multiple requests with groups which will likely be enough for you to define a page
  2. if you use the cloud then in the HTTP view you can click on the icons on the right next to “view as”, this is also shown in the docs
  3. if you are not using the cloud you will need to create a dashboard in the software you are using that groups http_req* metrics per url or even better name tag.

Hope this helps you

ok. let me clear my query, in Load Runner, we are using Lr_start_tranaction & Lr_end_transaction and we can see the response time per transaction basis, is there any way to do the same job in K6.

Yes, that is the purpose of groups.