Replicat the Grafana dashboard completely into Reactapp,

I need to replicat the Grafana dashboard completely into Reactapp, Please guide me on it.

Grafana today is a React application already. Can you clarify your question?

I have all my dashboard ready in Grafana and don’t want to re-develop in reactjs. rather I’m looking for the ways I can completely share all the dashboards not using iframe but complete dashboard to be replicated in my Reactjs app while the grafana is running in the backend,

sounds tricky! I would be aware of the license change for Grafana between Grafana 7 and Grafana 8. If you are trying to build a product to sell, this might not be the way to go

This not being used to sell but used as a unified solution. We are using different data posted in one location that is at reat app. But my question is left unanswered.