Regex to find string starting with "/dev/sd"?

I’m retrieving data from a Linux Node Exporter from Prometheus, and i try to limit the result to devices starting by /dev/sd.

Linux give a list like this:

I’ve tried the following query, which is valid on all RegEx online testers i’ve found: node_filesystem_avail_bytes{instance=“”,device=~"^/dev/sd"}

But Grafana give me this error:
“invalid parameter ‘query’: 1:90: parse error: unknown escape sequence U+002F ‘/’”

It doesn’t seems to like the . I’ve tried without them, but it return no result (but no error too)

I only want to retrieve /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1

Thank you

why dont you try with the

I’ve tried it, and it’s not returning any result.

But I’ve just found the solution…

It has to be device=~"/dev/sd.*"