React Plugins in Grafana v7.0.3


I’m desperate and can’t get anywhere.
I have Grafana 7.0.3. installed and would like to create a React plugin.
To do this, I followed your instructions:

[Build a panel plugin with D3.js plugins]
The instructions work. The example with d3.js no longer.
The display seems correct, but if I want to place the panel in the dashboard (resize) there is no repaint (render).
But you write:
“Run yarn dev, and reload Grafana to see a bar chart that dynamically resizes to fit the panel.”
Am I doing something wrong?
I’m grateful for any help.

Thank you for letting us know. There seems to be an issue with using useEffect to draw D3. I’ve updated the tutorial to use D3 for transformations, and React for rendering.

Let me know if you have any more issues with the tutorial!