React Panel Plugin Development help


I’m sort of new to React and I am in the process of “migrating” a previous version of a plugin I created.
What I am facing trouble is that updating/changing settings on the PanelEditor, the panel does not trigger a re-render or anything. The values are updated though, as I can use a dummy button to force the re-render and the components load fine right after.

Is there any way to trigger the event without the button click? I see that both PanelProps and PanelEditorProps have a function named onOptionsChanged which may or may not be what i look for. Where would this function be called?

Edit 1: Since I didn’t have any response I edited to ask one more question. When creating multiple instances of the plugin I am making, the panel options are held from the first instance to the new ones. I created a form and set it as PanelEditor because I don’t know a way to do this with the template builder. How would one create a fresh new instance without sharing states between the instances?

Thank you in advance for taking your time to help me.

Best regards