Api break since version Grafana 7.3


Inside this link the update and the registered of plugins not work :

-PanelProps | Grafana Labs

-PanelEditorProps | Grafana Labs

Where is possible have an example with plugin type panel with a editor , a module.ts and types.ts which works on Grafana 7.3?

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Are you trying to build a custom options editor? What errors are you getting?

the file module.ts with my customeditor:

export const plugin = new PanelPlugin<SimpleOptions>(SimplePanel).setPanelOptions((builder) => {
id: ‘sizeField’,
path: ‘sizeField’,
name: ‘Size’,
description: ‘Field to use for size. Defaults to the first numeric field.’,
editor: SimpleEditor,
category: [‘Dimensions’],
settings: { },

But the problem i don’ t retrieve the different properties in the interface in the files types.ts in interface SimpleOptions here?