Query on Grafana Loki TSDB index

Hi Team,

Recently we have migrated to loki-2.8.2 release with the tsdb_shipper storage configuration from boltdb_shipper storage config. The issue we have noticed is
active_index_directory path where ingesters would write index files in loki. The name of the folder we have given as /var/loki/tsdb-index, so it supposed get created with that name inside the ingester pod but it’s not. it got created with index as a folder name like " /var/loki/index"

Below config is part of tsdb_shipper storage.

Please help me if any other configuration need to add , if not how this tsdb functionality works ? what is the reason active_index_directory got created with different name

note: just to let you know cache_location path has been created with the proper naming as /var/loki/tsdb-cache name only inside the ingester pods only index path is creating issue.

      active_index_directory: /var/loki/tsdb-index
      shared_store: s3
      cache_location: /var/loki/tsdb-cache
      cache_ttl: 168h