Query is broken when variable is made multivalve

I have a simple query using prometheus as a data source.
I have a variable on the dashboard instance
If instance is not multivalve and does not allow all it works fine.
If it is multi value then the query is broken. Inspecting the query it appears that there are \ added which don’t work.

single value

but now multi value

Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong? In case it matters my end goal was to have a repetition of memory displays for all the instances but I’m not sure if that will look appealing since I have a lot of instances.

Unsure if this is the right way but I found the my instance names have colons e.g. gru.x.org:9090 and I had to change the query to be jvm_memory_bytes_committed{instance="${instance:text}"}
once I changed that everyplace I was referring to $instance it then works.