Query distributed Loki over gRPC

We have Loki deployed in microservice mode using the loki-distributed helm chart. We’re trying to use gRPC as well as HTTP for querying and pusing logs, though we’re struggling a bit getting gRPC to work.

Right now we’ve got pushing logs working over gRPC via the distributor on port 9095. However, querying the query-frontend over gRPC does not seem to work using logproto.proto. Looking at the source, I’ve noticed that initIngester() has calls for both RegisterQuerierServer and RegisterPusherServer and initDistributor() for RegisterPusherServer.
The latter explains why we can push over gRPC (I think) but using the ingester doesn’t seem to be the right service to use for either pushing or querying as per definition in the Architecture? Is there something obvious I’m missing?

I do want to note that querying over gRPC using the ‘monolithic’ version works fine…


Loki 2.2.1

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