Query another datasource from my backend datasource

I’m trying to create a datasource backend mainly to add nodeGraph to my system.
Ideally to retrieve some stats for my nodeGraph I’d like to query my prometheus datasource and also build links to my Jaeger and Loki datasource for insights.

I don’t see anyway to do this in the current go-sdk. Is this something I should open an issue for?
To work around this I am going to add a configuration in my datasource to query the grafana api (url + token). Is this how I should do it until the sdk can call the grafana-api without config?

I am guessing you read the tutorial for creating a datasource plugin. If you haven’t here is the link: Build a data source plugin | Grafana Labs

In any case, in the link there’s a section about “Get data from external API”. Does this help you on what you are looking for?

This is for frontend plugins. I want to do the same but for a backend plugin which doesn’t seem to exist.
Am I missing something?

Unfortunetly, I am not knowledgable enough to answer this question. I am sorry

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