Queries, math, expressions, averages, plotting

Grafana 8, postgres data source, time series data, timestamp and value.

When I add an average function to the query it doesn’t do anything to the chart. It doesn’t apply the average.

Having trouble locating clear instructions for how to work with it. All I want to do is add an average and a moving average to start with. How do you do this or do you have a pointer to instructions?

My hunch is that I need maybe resample or re-plot the averaged value, but no idea how to even get started doing that. I clicked every button I could find in the panels and query interface.

Can you post a screenshot of your query settings?

I was using aggregate function average, which seems to do nothing. I found window function moving average and that seems to do something that makes sense.

What is aggregate function doing?

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 9.51.51 PM