Pushing logs to Kibana

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Any option to push the K6 logs to Kibana.

Hi @Gerard,

So Kibana is the visualization tool for the Elastic stack, not the storage. I guess you’re looking for an extension to output logs to the elastic.

As far as I know, there is no such extension for now :frowning_face: We have an open issue that potentially unleashes such possibility (of creating such extensions) Log output as xk6 extension · Issue #1939 · grafana/k6 · GitHub, but we have no estimations when it is implemented.

The only possible log outputs are listed on Options reference.

I guess it’s still possible to use some alternative mechanism that will use the standards k6 output, let’s say file and then push them to the elastic, but you should research by yourself.

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We use GitHub - Tinkoff/xk6-output-error: A k6 extension for add more information into StdErr + vector.dev (example config https://github.com/Tinkoff/xk6-output-error/tree/main/vector) for load logs into Elastic

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Thanks @Maksimall89 and @olegbespalov

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