Public dashboard with CPU usage from remote Plesk server (Infinity Datasource)

After spending 3 days on this I can’t believe how complicated and confusing it is just to make public an already existing and working dashboard.

I just want a chart displaying the CPU load of my 4 servers in the same dashboard. I already got it working using the built-in JSON data source following the instructions here:

But when I share it in a public dashboard, it doesn’t work, I get “No Data” on all charts and error 500 in the console.

So why is it happening? Apparently, public dashboard doesn’t support “frontend” data source. But on the official built-in plugin page it says it’s a backend datasource on this page:

I’ve been told to use the Infinity Datasource plugin to convert the feed to backend. So I installed it and tried adding the exact same URL that I use to display the graphs with data from Plesk (it works when not in public dashboard mode)
But this same URL in Infinity doesn’t work

This is the URL I use:
ns508279 . ip-167-114-64 . net:8443/modules/monitoring/public/index.php/xxxxxxxxxxx
“xxxxx” is the token obtained from Plesk when following the guide linked above

If I open the URL in my browser, it’s just a blank page, so I can’t even see the JSON feed. But again, when using the normal built-in JSON plugin, it works perfectly.

Hi @webtek000,

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There was a similar issue reported yesterday by a user on our GitHub. Please check it as it explains the reason in detail:

I’m the same person who posted on Github. They told me to use Infinity Datasource, but I couldn’t get it working, so I opened this thread here since this is a different issue (my initial question on Github was about the public dashboard using frontend data, not with infinity)