Provisioned PostgreSQL Data Source not Loaded at Start Up

My postgreSQL data source will not load at start up time as a data source/connection. I’m using latest Grafana Enterprise and PostgresSQL 16. I want to ensure that this data source/connection shows up when Grafana starts. This file is mapped into '/usr/share/grafana/conf/provisioning/datasources/ directory at start up by docker compose tool. Here’s my YAML file for provisioning:

apiVersion: 1

  - name: Postgres
    type: postgres
    access: direct
    url: http://localhost:5432
    user: myusername
      password: mypassword
      database: mydatbasename
      sslmode: disable # disable/require/verify-ca/verify-full
      maxOpenConns: 100 # Grafana v5.4+
      maxIdleConns: 100 # Grafana v5.4+
      maxIdleConnsAuto: true # Grafana v9.5.1+
      connMaxLifetime: 14400 # Grafana v5.4+
      postgresVersion: 1000 # 903=9.3, 904=9.4, 905=9.5, 906=9.6, 1000=10
      timescaledb: false

Check your Grafana server logs, pls.

There is nothing in the log file about it. Is the syntax above correct for postgreSQL?

Why you have provisioning files in /usr/share/… and not in /etc/grafana/provisioning/datasources ?

That was the problem. I was putting them in the wrong directory.