Protected template variabled

we use Grafana OSS together with an InfluxDB and FLUX.
Collected in InfluxDB is data from Icinga2.
We want some users to have limited access and see only the performance data of some (not all) servers.
For this we have a template variable in use. We use a variable of type custom. Even though it is possible to show only a few servers in the selection, the user can manually override the selection to show data from servers he should not see.
Is it possible to prevent manual overwriting of the variable?
I would be glad about an answer.


Hi @amensching, welcome to the :grafana: community !!

Regarding your question. Have you already tried to give the users with limited viewership permissions ?

Also, found a somewhat similar post as might give you more info.

Other than that, Although not possbile exactly when defining the variables as “custom” but when using the “query”, there is the option of Regex.

Maybe use the regex to filter out the list of result you want to show when they pull the drop down and the query gets executed in the backed ?