Promtail throws "caller=transport.go:286 msg="error initializing syslog stream" err=EOF" error

Hi all,

the Promtail I set is throwing the error: “caller=transport.go:286 msg=“error initializing syslog stream” err=EOF”,

The Promtail version is 2.8.0 deployed with Loki Helm chart, (UPDATE: I tried with 2.9.5, which is also not working)

the part related to syslog appear like this:

      - job_name: syslog
          listen_protocol: tcp
          idle_timeout: 60s
          label_structured_data: yes
            job: "syslog"
          - source_labels: ['__syslog_message_hostname']
            target_label: 'host'

want to know your insight for this.

Appreciated for any help

Don’t see anything obviously wrong. You might consider enable debug log or run promtail in inspect mode and see if you can get more information. Check system log / journal log as well.