Promtail not following rotated logs

I installed promtail 2.2 and it’s not following files when they rotate. It doesn’t get the event or message that the file has rotated so I have all these errors showing the previous log isn’t found. I used the Helm chart to install promtail.

This is the chart I’m using:

Has anyone else run into this? I didn’t do anything special other than installing promtail using the Helm chart from grafana-charts.

hi there,
do you have any logs recording the error? The README for the new promtail Helm chart has a lot of configuration notes that also might be useful.

Also, this issue might provide some useful debugging information.

Thanks. It’ running on a closed network that makes it difficult to copy log files over but it basically said ‘can’t find logs’ and when I hopped onto the server node I saw that the log file had rotated and promtail wasn’t picking up the new log file that had an incremented number.

My solution has been to use fluent bit. Fluent bit loki output plugin works.