Promtail: Multiple job_name

Hi, I would like to check if Promtail supports multiple jobs under one scrape_config. The reason why I am asking this is because I require a different set of pipelines for both jobs. Below is a snippet of my current promtail-config.yaml.

  - job_name: Test1
    - timestamp:
        source: $tsNs
        format: UnixNs
    - targets:
        - localhost
        job: Test1
        __path__: /var/log/*log

  - job_name: Test2
    - targets:
        - localhost
        job: Test2
        __path__: /path/to/test.txt

However, when I run this, it throws an error at the second job_name line stating “did not find expected key”. Is this because of a yaml syntax error, or does Promtail not support this use case?

Please let me know if additional information is required!