Promtail ingestion and pod question


Using loki-distributed helm-chart 0.78.0 and promtail 6.15.3

After 30 min i get some weird problems with the ingestion of logs to loki and also some problems with showing the promtail pods in grafana “explorer”.

  1. It seems that nothing happens in the promtail pod-log, if i check the timestamp it doesn’t come in any new data, it’s like it stopped working. But if i reinstall promtail then it works again for a while.

  2. In grafana explorer with loki as datasource, i can see all the six pods in that namespace. But after a while 30min or so, it can only display one of them promtail-pods. And if i reinstall promtail, it shows all six again and also the old ones.

So, should the pods disappear? and should the pods’ promtail-log stop displaying new logs entrys after a while? All loki and promtail pods are running, but i can’t find any obvious error.

Then after a while it only displays pod “promtail-5vrfx”
And i feel that it’s not working so good overall, but i can still get some queries.


All good, its was just the timeline. Was just a litte confusing.