Power consumption (kWh) from electric meter counter for daily/month view - InfluxDB 2.0 / Flux Query

I’am logging the ongoing meter readings in a influxdb 2.0.
for example:

I tried a lot of querys, but the results are not correct.

My problem is that, I found a lot of good stuff for the old influx DB query but not for the new influxdb 2.x flux query.
I think that’s common use case and somebody have already a working. Thanks a lot.


I am facing the exact same problem. I had a dashboard running with Influx 1.x and that was fine. For some reasons I had to switch to Influx 2 and I am not able to make something similar that is working. Should be so easy but it’s not. :frowning:

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after failing, I try past & copy :rofl:
I found a Dashboard wich use flux query an a power consumption view:

But I couldn’t adapt it to my environment.
maybe you will have more success with it…