[postman-to-k6] Skipping Pre-requests Scripts and Tests during conversion

Hi everyone!

I am trying to use the postman-to-k6 converter, but my Postman collections have quite a few unsupported method calls in both Pre-request Scripts and Tests. I don’t really need either for running the load tests, but unless I delete them manually, the runs fail immediately.

Is there any way to automatically skip the conversion of Pre-request Scripts and Tests or at least skip their execution?

Thanks upfront! :slight_smile:

Hi @nevenmatas and welome to the community! :tada:

The converter currently lacks such a feature. However, it definitely makes sense to be able to skip it if it’s not needed. I’ve gone ahead and created an issue for this in the converter repo. You can track it here.


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Hi @simme,

Thanks a bunch!

For now I’ve resorted to a script that removes “events” from the collection JSON which seems to do the trick without too much hassle.




This was just resolved in version v1.3.0, which is currently being released. Use the --skip-pre and --skip-post flags to omit the parts you dont want to include in your output. :+1:


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