Postman to K6 for PUT request

I am using Postman to K6 and it works fine for GET and POST but when trying with a PUT request I get
Unrecognized body mode: file.

Is it possible to convert a PUT request? Many thanks!

Hi @Ratatouille, welcome to the community forum.

This seems to be due to a different, compared to the POST, body type that you have provided.

As mentioned in Unrecognized body mode: file · Issue #98 · grafana/postman-to-k6 · GitHub that isn’t supported and also that project is archived in case you are not using the community fork.

From what I can see this is still not supported but maybe it’s worth opening and issue in the new project to see whether the current maintainer is interested in supporting that.

Hope this helps!

This helps a lot! I will try to create the scripts manually for the PUT request.