POST /api/admin/provisioning/access-control/reload returns "Not found" in Grafana

I want to create a grafana user without using Admin credentials. I was trying to create a user using API in grafana using the code below:

curl -XPOST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
}' https://user:password@<host>/api/admin/users

After this, I got an error which made me think I do not have sufficient permissions as a grafana user to do this and could create the user using Grafana Admin credentials.

"message":"You'll need additional permissions to perform this action. Permissions needed: users:create",
"title":"Access denied"

So, I tried implementing RBAC. The way I did this is to:
Edited etc/grafana/provisioning/access-control/sample.yaml file with contents:

# ---
# # config file version
 apiVersion: 2

 # <list> list of roles to insert/update/delete
   # <string, required> name of the role you want to create or update. Required.
   - name: 'custom:users:writer'
     # <string> uid of the role. Has to be unique for all orgs.
     uid: customuserswriter1
     # <string> description of the role, informative purpose only.
     description: 'Create, read, write users'
     # <int> version of the role, Grafana will update the role when increased.
     version: 2
     # <int> org id. Defaults to Grafana's default if not specified.
     orgId: 1
     # <list> list of the permissions granted by this role.
       # <string, required> action allowed.
       - action: 'users:read'
         #<string> scope it applies to.
         scope: 'global.users:*'
       - action: 'users:write'
         scope: 'global.users:*'
       - action: 'users:create'

And then according to this doc: Provisioning RBAC with Grafana | Grafana documentation

I hit the API using curl as an Admin user to reload provisioning configurations:

curl -X POST https://admin:admin@<host>/api/admin/provisioning/access-control/reload -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json"

But I got this response:
{“message”:“Not found”}

Other API calls work for example,

curl -X POST https://<admin>:<admin-pwd>@<my-host>/api/admin/provisioning/notifications/reload 
-H "Accept: application/json" 
-H "Content-Type: application/json"

{"message":"Notifications config reloaded"}

What should I have done differently? Any help would be appreciated.

Grafana docs are definitely not that straightforward.
Thanks a lot, in advance!

I was expecting this API response to be something like 200 OK.

curl -X POST https://<admin>:<admin-pwd>@<my-host>/api/admin/provisioning/access-control/reload 
-H "Accept: application/json" 
-H "Content-Type: application/json"

Can anyone please help me out here?

Are you using the Grafana OSS free version or the Enterprise one with a license?

Hi @usman.ahmad thanks for your reply. We are using the OSS version.

@jangaraj can you please assist in this one ? :slight_smile:

I guess you don’t have Grafana version, which support it.

I’m using Grafana version: 9.5.2

So did you check documentation, release notes for your version?


See linked doc:

Note: Available in Grafana Enterprise and Grafana Cloud Advanced.

But you have Grafana OSS. So I would say again, that 404 (Not Found) response is correct. You are trying to use feature, which is not available in your Grafana version.

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