Plugins, user input and variables


I am developing a plugin, It makes extensive use of a free form text variable
which can be frequently modified by the user. At the moment, I found no better way
than implement this input field as a template variable.

Question.1] Are there other ways to get free-form text input from the user beside
the template variables ?

Question.2] Supposing Template Variables are the only way to get the input
data interactively, then, is it possible to define a Template Variable into a plugin.
RATIO. I would prefer the user to find all ready when he gets the plugin. By now instead, after he gets the plugin, he must also define the Template Variable by himself.

Question.3] Till now i have defined a template variable and put it near my plugin.
The T.V. form should be larger, or better, should match the plugin width to make
things consistent. Is it possible to achieve this ?


not sure I understand? The the plugin is the can take up full width, the layout of panels do not change when going into TV mode.

I attach you an image about [Question.3]