Plugin devellopement blocked

Hi everyone !

I want to develop a plugin graph like, with annotation to display events associated to dates on it (with checkbox)

I’m relativly new at grafana. I started by learn javascript and html, some of the community suggested me the flotchart library for plot and I finally learned how to use Webpack for minification and transpiler.

Now I don’t really know how to order the code, I mean how grafana reads it.

I understand that grafana launch first the constructor and exectue all inside. Then the plugin is manage by event (listed on the documentation).
But I don’t really understand where I’m suppose to write the ‘$.plot’ command to create the graph…
I know that this should sounds like big big noob but I spent several days now on it and I think the work is almost done.
For the moment, my module.js looks like this :

import {MetricsPanelCtrl} from './sdk.ts';
import kbn from 'app/core/utils/kbn';

const panelDefaults = {
  //clockType: '24 hour',
  fontSize: '60px',
  fontWeight: 'normal',
  bgColor: null

export class graph extends MetricsPanelCtrl {

  constructor($scope, $injector, $rootScope) {
    super($scope, $injector);
	  _.defaults(this.panel, panelDefaults);'init-edit-mode', this.onInitEditMode.bind(this));

  onInitEditMode() {
    this.addEditorTab('Options', 'public/plugins/jojo-CoquilleVide-panel/editor.html', 2);
    this.unitFormats = kbn.getUnitFormats();
	this.plot("#placeholder", dataset, options);

    setLegendWidthForLegacyBrowser() {
    var isIE11 = !!window.MSInputMethodContext && !!document.documentMode;
    if (isIE11 && this.panel.legendType === 'Right side' && !this.panel.legend.sideWidth) {
      this.panel.legend.sideWidth = 150;
graph.templateUrl = 'module.html';
export { graph as PanelCtrl };

Do someone explain me a few or post here some useful documentation for plugin devellpement (of course I already read all the documentation provide by grafana)

I really learn a lot of think this last two weeks !! I don’t what my grafana-adventur stop now.

For the moment, grafana put me the error :

app is not defined Evaluating http://localhost:8080/public/plugins/grafana-Coquille-panel/module.js Loading plugins/grafana-Coquille-panel/module

Thanks a lot for those who will respond and help me ! :wink: