Plans on extending supported datasources for Alerting

Hi, Are there any plans on extending alert feature support on diff datasource(like Tempo) to cover Trace data in Grafana Unified Alerting?
Im not expecting a specific plan, but just knowing the smallest possibility on providing this feature would be helpful.
Please share your thoughts team grafana :slight_smile:

You can do this now by generating metrics from your traces and remote writing them to Prometheus. This can be done using Tempo, the Grafana Agent or the OpenTelemetry Collector.

If you need alerts generated directly from trace data in a way that these metrics generators donโ€™t support then that will be more difficult. We are currently making a TraceQL language that we intend to eventually extend to metrics generation from trace data. It is reasonable that a next step would be to add alerting off of these queries similar to the way you can alert on LogQL queries with Loki.

Iโ€™d say this is a likely future, but itโ€™s too far out to be on the current roadmap.

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