Permission denied error with admin user while trying to create a dashboard via API

I’m trying to migrate a couple of dashboards from one server to another. To accomplish this I write a pretty simple script using python and requests library.

class Grafana:
    def __init__(self, url, key):
        self.headers = {
            'Accept': 'application/json', 
            'Content-Type': 'application/json', 
            'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + key
        self.url = url

    def get_all_dashboard_uris(self):
        return (dashboard['uri'] for dashboard in requests.get(self.url+'api/search?query=', headers=self.headers).json())

    def import_dashboard(self, dashboard_uri):
    return requests.get(self.url+'api/dashboards/'+dashboard_uri, headers=self.headers).json()['dashboard']

    def create_dashboard(self, dashboard_object):           
        dashboard_object['id'] = None #id = null to create a new dashboard 
        return'api/dashboards/db', headers=self.headers, json={'dashboard': dashboard_object})

if __name__ == '__main__':
    initial_grafana = Grafana(url=URL, key=KEY)
    final_grafana = Grafana(url=URL_TEST, key=KEY_TEST)

    for dashboard_uri in initial_grafana.get_all_dashboard_uris():
        dash = initial_grafana.import_dashboard(dashboard_uri)
        result = final_grafana.create_dashboard(initial_grafana.import_dashboard(dashboard_uri))
        print(result.status_code, result.text)

The problem is that this prints 403 {"message":"Permission denied"} for all dashboards. I face this problem even if a try to create the dashboard with the exact same paramaters as the documentation suggests:

def create_test_dashboard(self):
        dashboard_object = {
            'dashboard': {
                'id': None,
                'title': 'Production Overview',
                'tags': ['templated'],
                'timezone': 'browser',
                'rows': [{}],
                'schemaVersion': 6,
                'version': 0
            'overwrite': False
        return'api/dashboards/db', headers=self.headers, json=dashboard_object)

if __name__ == '__main__':
   final_grafana = Grafana(url=URL_TEST, key=KEY_TEST)
   result = final_grafana.create_test_dashboard()

Some quick notes that I think it’s important:

  1. I have no problem if I use the import_dashboard method in the final_grafana object;
  2. No problem at all if I create the dashboard manually using a .json file;
  3. I’m using an admin role user;
  4. I’m using Grafana 4.2.

Any ideas on how to solve this?