Per-User default time range

Everyone wants different default time ranges when they open a dashboard. Boss wants 7 days, techs want 3 hours, etc.

Is there a per-user way to set default time-ranges for dashboards? or even a default for the user rather than the dashboard?

@moffitj the time range is saved per dashboard. A per-user setting sounds like an interesting idea, you could propose it as a feature request in github discussions.

A workaround might be to duplicate the dashboard so each type of user has their own copy with their preferred time range.

Hello @moffitj,

You could also try the following:

  • Have each user choose their favorite default dashboard settings (time-picker, refresh-rate, maybe dashboard-variables and so on).
  • All these “settings” should reflect in the URL as query parameters.
  • Let each user save that URL with all query param’s as a bookmark in their browser.
  • Next time, they just have to open the webpage from their bookmarks (or desktop if they saved the page).

Example after choosing the time range:
See that last part? Anyone can simply edit the URL query param “from” to any desired value according to what you picked in the time-picker (e.g. 7d, 3h etc)

You can read a little about it in the docs:

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