Pause alerts - Dashboard


Is there way to pause alerts for particular dashboard?

I have dashboard consist of 100+ nodes as panel want to pause alert for all nodes


Currently there is no an API call for pausing all alerts for a specific dashboard.
A workaround would be to use the Alert List Panel and filtering using the Dashboard title to list only the alerts related to the specific dashboard and then delete them one by one.

Please not that the above Alert List Panel documentation needs to be updated and currently does not have a reference to the Dashboard title filtering.

Another possibility if you are admin (and the alerts you want to pause are more than the rest) is to use the Pause all Alerts API call and then unpause those you want.

Finally if you have access to the database you can use a query similar to this:
sqlite> update alert set state = "paused" where dashboard_id = <dashboard_id>;

In case you find this useful I created a script to pause and resume alerts:

In github search for orojina/grafana-cli