Password free login

Hello, I would like to inquire about Grafana’s implementation of password free login when anonymous access is turned off? What are the specific methods? Can cookies achieve this function?

grafana configuration

login_cookie_name = grafana_session
disable_login = false
login_maximum_inactive_lifetime_duration =
login_maximum_lifetime_duration =
token_rotation_interval_minutes = 10
disable_login_form = false
disable_signout_menu = false
signout_redirect_url =
enabled = false
org_name = Main Org.
org_role = Viewer
hide_version = false

Error encountered when logging in using cookies

Use OAuth/SAML authentication in Grafana and configure password free login on used Identity Provider server/service. Grafana doesn’t have these kind of complex authN options.

See for example Azure AD - random post from the internet: