Panel shows extra data from MYSQL that does not show in actual MYSQL

Grafana version 7.0.3

I have a very strange issue with one of my dashboard panels. For context I will explain that my dashboard is set up with 2 variables so that we can compare software versions within our data. This means there are 2 of every panel which each refer to their respective variable when running the MYSQL queries.

I have one panel (basic bar graph) that, when I select a specific combination of software versions from my list, I get a load of extra data in the graph which does not show when I manually run the mysql query. See the screen grab below. The correct working graph is on the left. The strange behaviour is on the right.

Below is the query which is very basic.

The various field and visualisation settings are identical for each graph as I used the duplicate function from the first panel to create the second one.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Adding some more info from the query inspecter. You can see that the response is correct. 8 rows which have the mac address and the count value. What on earth is Grafana doing with the visualisation?