Pagerduty integration and Grafana alert Message

Hey guys.

I have some question about the Pagerduty integration and the Message filed in the Grafana alerting. Everything works fine with the integration and sending the alert. The problem I have is more like cosmetic issue.

When I receive the alert notification from Grafana in Pagerduty, the name of the alert is added to the title of the alert, but also the message I put in the Message field, which I don’t think should be there.

Example alert I created in Grafana:
Name: production | sqs | my-sqs-queue
Message: Documentation what action are executed when the issue occur.

In PagerDuty I’ve got the combination of the Name + Message as Pagerduty alert Title.
Is the Message should be included like that or should go into the Pagerduty details section?

  • Grafana v6.3.5 (commit: 67bad72) + Cloudwatch as data source.