Override threshold in alerting rule Grafana

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Grafana 8.0.1

  • What are you trying to achieve?

I would like to write a rule in the new alerting system of Grafana that is able to be overrided by another rule for a specific label defined. For example :
global rule query : cpu_usage_system > 10
specific rule query : cpu_usage_system{host=“specific_host”} > 20

So here I would like that Grafana triggers the global rule for every host except the host “specific_host”, and it triggers the specific rule for this host.

Obviously I could define the global query like this : cpu_usage_system{host!=“specific_host”} > 10, but if I have 100 differents hosts with 100 different thresholds, that is not a clean solution.

  • How are you trying to achieve it?

No solution found for now. Thanks in advance for your help

Hi @julienlrx72

Unfortunately I am not sure that this is possible right now, but I like the idea of chaining alerts with some sort of flow control or conditional logic.

As you know the NextGen Alerting is still in its infancy and behind a feature toggle. I think it would be interesting if you made a feature request for this in the grafana repo and saw if it got any traction.

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