'Origin not allowed' even after setting the host

I am running Grafana 9.5.3 in k8s using ingress-nginx as proxy(ingress-nginx 4.7.1 · kubernetes/ingress-nginx), in this configuration i am also using Istio virtual service.

I am ultimately trying to create a loki datasource, but every action i try while logged in as admin gets me a 'Origin not allowed"
I’ve came across here but for the chart i’m currently using, proxy_set_header does not seem to exist.

I’ve set the host via ingress-nginx.controller.proxySetHeaders and still get the same error

While inspecting using the browser I get 403, the origin is there and no headers seem to be incorrect, however the host is absent (not sure if it should be displayed there)

Any ideas of what i’m currently doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!