Observing Financial Data using Grafana

I connected my SQL DB to Grafana and I’m able to graph multiple contracts.

I envision my Dashboard to monitor multiple contracts simultaneously and adding automated annotations. These can be very simple in the beginning, but I would like to make them more complex based on averages etc.

Does anyone have experience using Grafana in this way, is it even possible or should I pivot towards a different application?

The picture below shows what I currently have. I pull the data only once as the 4 graphs transform the data from the original data source so that I limit my number of queries.

Grafana can be a great tool for BI and financial data needs. Have you heard about the brand new candlestick chart?

Hey, yes I have and I have tried it out. While adding bands or MA is quite nice I don’t want to show them but automatically add annotations and trigger alarms if certain conditions are meet that warrant a buy/sell. I want to move away from manually having to look at the graph until I receive a notification. Any idea how i could achieve that?