OAuth login icon?

The Grafana reference guide for OAuth configuration mentions an option called icon with default value signin and the description is:
Icon used for the generic OAuth2 authentication in the Grafana user interface.

I’m looking for clarification on how this is meant to be used. Is it talking about the icon on the left of this login button? What are the options for customizing this?


wonder if it is referring to the icons located here


name = Google
icon = google
enabled = false
allow_sign_up = true
auto_login = false
client_id = some_client_id

icon = google in this case refers to google.svg maybe?

Good call, that looks right. If I set it to google I get the same image as this: https://github.com/Iconscout/unicons/blob/master/svg/thinline/google.svg

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the documentation needs some help. it is kind of a bit obscure?