Number of iteration per VU

Hi. Can I create a Trend or smth where I will calculate how many iterations were made by 1 VU user?

I know about scenario per-vu-iterations and __VU

We are using staging property

stages: [
        { duration: '30m', target: 100 },
        { duration: '30m', target: 200 },
        { duration: '30m', target: 300 },

This is how data looks like in influxDB

time                scenario       value
----                --------       -----
1632402728791648100 scenario 28544.476800000004

Hi @anton-photobox,
welcome to the k6 community forum.

Can you provide more details about your use case, please? What would you spot with this metric? It’s important for us so we can try to suggest the best approach about the specific problem.

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