Notification template provisioning or POST API

How can Slack (or any other) notification template be provisioned in Grafana.
Or is there any POST API endpoint for creating the same? The docs only mention a PUT endpoint that updates the existing template.

As seen below I’m able to create this yaml but at what location I can put this?

What does it have to do with creating a GitOps workflow, moreover how can I achieve this without any workflow?
Any hack or informal way to do this is also fine.

I see that the File Provisioning template files question is also unanswered.

It would be better if we get clarification that endpoint or such provisioning doesn’t exist :slightly_smiling_face:


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there’s no POST API, just put the yaml config file with the template in /etc/grafana/provisioning/alerting/
put the .tmpl file that has the raw template (golang syntax) in /var/lib/grafana/provisioning/alerting/1/<nameoftemplate>
and then later refer the template with that file name

No, that will work only for default Grafana configuration, but nobody is stopping you to configure different folder for provisioning, e.g. /opt/my-grafana-provisioning-folder - that’s the first doc link

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yes right, I just gave example with the default. Thanks