Notification -> script.exec

New here… Got Grafana in my knee, need to integrate alerts with our Control Centre. Easiest way for me is if Grafana alert engine could execute a custom script and parse variables into it.

Possible? Howto?

There is an alert notification webhook for custom integrations:

This is the worst reply ever. We want to start some script in case of an alert. That makes no sense for us to build our own backend server that listens to http request for starting a simple script or other program.

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I strongly agree, This is a missing link in automation.
My server runs out of memory, Grafana picks it up, and kicks off a Jenkins Jobs/Script that does the restart for me.

It is the more generic approach (using webhooks). It implies more coding yes but imagine to support most of scripting languages and consider related issues like security or maintainability. IMHO it is not affordable.