Not being able to save both notification labels having the same key

I am using grafana version 9.5.9

I am trying to send the same alert rule on 2 different slack channels. I have created both contact points and as notifications policies the ones that are shown on the image below

I then save both contacts on the notification labels for the alert

but when I edit the alert I only see the one that was added last.

Has anyone experienced something similar not being able to save notification labels having the same key?

Hi! :wave: Yes this is expected. You cannot have the same label multiple times in the same rule. Remember that labels are associative arrays (maps), not sets.

Have you considered having two notification policies with the same label matchers and using Continue matching subsequent sibling nodes instead?

Thank you for the quick reply. Although you have the same label on the nested policy as I did I ve made a label matcher as slack1 = tras1 and a second one as slack2 = slack-tras-2
and added those 2 labels accordingly on my notification of my alert and that seemed to work.

You have to use different labels. But it really helps if you’re using dynamic thresholds and notification policies based off of those thresholds