Not all logs are sent by Promtail to Loki

Describe the bug
Although the description of the logs matches 11 log files on the server, only 4 of them can be seen in Grafana

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Started Loki
    latest from Docker’s hub
  2. Started Promtail
    promtail, version 2.4.2 (branch: HEAD, revision: 525040a32)
  3. Query: {host="lutetia", filename="/var/log/kern.log"} |=

Expected behavior
It should appear in the dropdown of the filename and kern.log label, but it does not appear, although there are logs, including from the current day.


  • Infrastructure: Docker for Grafana/Loki and Binary for Promtail
  • Deployment tool: docker-compose & git clone

Screenshots, Promtail config, or terminal output
If applicable, add any output to help explain your problem.
Screenshot from 2022-06-30 11-18-13
Screenshot from 2022-06-30 11-19-46