Not able to move the configuration directory for Grafana agent on windows

I have installed the Grafana Agent on C drive in windows (C:\Program Files\Grafana Agent)
Created a director D:\Program Files\Grafana Agent and moved all the configurations from C drive to D Drive
Executed the below command
sc.exe config “Grafana Agent” binpath= “D:\Program Files\Grafana Agent\agent-windows-amd64.exe -config.file="D:\Program Files\Grafana Agent\agent-config.yaml"”

However not able to start the Grafana Agent service and getting the below error:

Hi @kunalkhandagale1

When the pop-up window displays, can you see error logs in Window’s Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application ?

Hi @antonio.merello o… T
There is no error logs present in the path you mentioned

Is the old Grafana Agent service still exist in Services?

no it is not there now. I have uninstalled it to try it via different ways but again no luck