Not able to install K6 in Docker using node:18.14-slim base image


I have been struggling to install K6 in Docker using node:18.14-slim as base image (node:18.14 doesn`t work either). Suggested commands found on Installation are not working.

I tried multiple other things like installing the .deb package ( but when doing the installing I am getting the ARM vs AMD conflict error.


I had no problem when

Hi @Mathieu, welcome to the forum!

It would’ve been nice if you reported what exactly did not work, so we can better help you :slight_smile:

Given that you get

ARM vs AMD conflict error.

I would expect you are running on arm and are running an arm variang of the node:18.14-slim container.

k6 is not publishing arm deb or rpm packages at this moment.

I would recommend using the provided binary that is build for arm64 dirrectly.

Hope this helps, and you can go give the issue an :+1: :wink:

the other potential solution was to use an AMD64 variant of the NodeJS 18.14 image like node:18.14-alpine.

I have no idea what the performance impact of that is to be honest :person_shrugging:

In the issue there is a comment about that you can compile it yourself … but to be honest I see no point in doing that instead of just downloading the binary directly. But it is another option.

Ok thanks for the help. For know it seems that running K6 directly on macbook was enough to obtain what we were looking for :sweat_smile: