Noob question - Is there any tutorial for how to add panel using loki?

Is there any tutorial for how to add panel using loki?
I have a none-standard logfile it seems, each line is presented as a variable in the panel.

I want to split it up in to different columns, like: time&date, notification urgency(info/error/warning, etc), source, message

if i press edit on the panel, i get the following:

where did you get this dashboard from?

This is the one: Loki Dashboard | Grafana Labs

Maybe i should have created one from scratch?

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Its more fun and educational to start from scratch imo

The items you highlighted above are dashboard variables

Yes, i totally agree, but at the same time, you should have a look at whats existing to not invent the wheel from scratch. At least get some inspiration.

But, my question still stands, is there any tutorial that explains this?
I want to start from scratch, but its not intuitive enough for me, so i need a tutorial of some sort.

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There are tons of tutorials about this on , youtube. google search

I didnt find any specific for this topic while i searched. please post one if you know of any.

I of course searched for this before posting here.

Just not quite sure what to search for, to find the correct results.


On youtube search for

grafana loki tutorial

Expand on of the lines and you’ll see the detail for a single line which will show you Labels, etc.

Also click Open in Explore?

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