No logging from LDAP auth

I have enabled and configured LDAP auth and also set up ldap log level to debug. But the only entry I got in the log is

t=2019-04-28T13:31:47+0100 lvl=info msg=“Ldap enabled, reading config file” logger=ldap file=/etc/grafana/ldap.toml

No other entries on login or user sign up. And I can create users with password not in LDAP.
How to investigate it further and see what’s wrong with LDAP config? Grafana 5.4.3.

Did you configure it like this and then restart your Grafana server? Also make sure you have no semicolon at the start of the line - that means the line is commented out in ini files.

filters = ldap:debug

Then try and log in. The ldap logic is done on login so there won’t be any log entries unless someone tries to login.

Should look something like this if it succeeds:

DBUG[04-30|17:40:58] Ldap Search For User Request             logger=ldap info="(ldap.SearchRequest) {\n BaseDN: (string) (len=17) \"dc=grafana,dc=org\",\n Scope: (int) 2,\n DerefAliases: (int) 0,\n SizeLimit: (int)0,\n TimeLimit: (int) 0,\n TypesOnly: (bool) false,\n Filter: (string) (len=15) \"(cn=ldap-admin)\",\n Attributes: ([]string) (len=3 cap=4) {\n (string) (len=2) \"cn\",\n  (string) (len=9) \"givenName\",\n  (string) (len=8) \"memberOf\"\n },\n Controls: ([]ldap.Control) <nil>\n}\n"
DBUG[04-30|17:40:58] Ldap User found                          logger=ldap info="(*login.LdapUserInfo)(0xc00015fb90)({\n DN: (string) (len=40) \"cn=ldap-admin,ou=users,dc=grafana,dc=org\",\n FirstName: (string) \"\",\n LastName: (string) \"\",\n Username: (string) (len=10) \"ldap-admin\",\n Email: (string) \"\",\n MemberOf: ([]string) (len=1 cap=1) {\n  (string) (len=37) \"cn=admins,ou=groups,dc=grafana,dc=org\"\n }\n})\n"

Yes, I configured logging properly. My setting is actually like this:

filters migrator:info,cleanup:info,ldap:debug,alerting.engine:info,alerting.scheduler:info

I can see it in Server Admin / Settings page so it is loaded properly.
I’ve upgraded Grafana to the newest 6.1.6.

But I suspect there is something wrong with authentication setup. When as an admin I invite a user and user registers then logs in and out there is no any ldap messages in the log.
Also there is no any entries created in the user_auth table in the database. Should there be records created for LDAP users?

Can you show the relevant parts of your ini file and your toml file.

Just an FYI - semicolons (like ;) at the start of the line in an ini file means the line is commented out - this is a common mistake.