Newbie question - Manage dashboard to display increasing date

Hello I’m using grafana 8.4.3 and I have a question

I have a bunch of date that I put in my InfluxDB and then into Grafana. What I would like to have is a graph that count the number of date and increase at each entry the value, therefor the last date would be the sum of all the dates.

The date in fact represent the number of clients over the time of the creation of the company.

Here is what I got :

Here the value stay to 1 all the way.

And that wonderful drawing is what in would like to have :slight_smile:

Can you share a subset of your Influx data and your Influx query that you are currently using?

Hi, thanks for the reply

I suppose it would have to do with the function +Expression of Grafana.

Here is the query and I suppose what you mean by subset.

In Influx Data Explorer, what does the graph look like when you insert this statement before the yield statement?

|> count()

When I do so I get only the sum of all clients and it can’t be stored in a graph anymore, but in a counter or a gauge therefor no more date are displayed.

Here’s what it’s look like

But we are getting closer !

Try replacing |> count() with |> cumulativeSum()

If that works, then create that as a separate query (and maintain your original “flatline” query) and display both lines on the same graph.

Indeed |> cumulativeSum() does work just as I wanted thank you !