Newbie question: Home automation power consumption diagram

I have a power plug measuring the power consumption. My Home Automation system (Home Assistant) is able to show graphs for a short period; this is for example the last 3 hours graphic:

It represents the correct power consumption.
All data from Home Assistant is send to InfluxDB which is the database source for Grafana.
I read already some hours in the Grafana docs but can’t get more or less the same graph.
The problem is that at 13:19:40 the power consumption is 43,6 Watts, this consumption remains till 13:53:09. At 13:53:10 the consumption becomes 4,20 Watts. In between these 2 reference points there is no update (see below pictures)

Grafana draws a line between these 2 reference points but it should ‘keep’ the value (43,6) untill a new value (4,20)is presented.
What’s wrong in my setup? I’d like to retrieve the same diagram as HA publishes.
Thanks in advance for your help.
(Apologies for my poor English)

Have you tried playing with the settings in Line interpolation?

Thanks @grant2.
I had to select the ‘step after’ line interpolution.